Disaster Management

We have been facing some problems like canal burst and flood in the past few years. This is coupled with the incidents of fire. A solution was worked out through joint efforts by administration, Ganesh Mandals and social/political workers. A master plan for disaster plan was prepared. Information Technology was used for the purpose while new fire sub-stations will come up.

About project

  • A master plan for disaster management is in progress.
  • Technical support through Smart City Centre on Sinhgad road for disaster management.
  • Solutions for the river bank areas, where flood water enters.
  • New fire station near Ganga Dham. Residential facilities for the employees of the fire station.

Benefits of the project

  • People will get quick and immediate assistance in case of emergency because of disaster management plan.
  • Any relief or rescue work will be supported by technology, which will be available because of Smart City Centre on Sinhgad road.
  • Flood management will be controlled because of disaster management.
  • People from market yard will get timely help because of new fire station near Gangadham.