For IT Sector

It was need of the Pune city to make available all the infrastructure to IT sector, particularly to start ups. IT sector was needed encouragement for its growth. IT policy was formulated in this direction. Works like optical fiber, digital literacy centers for common people and availability of WIFI were completed.

About project

  • Facilities announced to boost IT sector
  • IT policy formulated to encourage IT sector
  • Various schemes like Enterprise GIS, E-learning, CT Digital strategy, PMC Care 20 were announced.
  • Special policy for WIFI and optical fiber

Benefits of the project

  • Citizen friendly and transparent administration
  • Employment generation because of IT sector
  • New investment in the city
  • People to get various documents like property tax, birth and death certificates through online system. DBT and e-learning are available online
  • People will get information about road repair, water connection, service lines and PMPL service quickly