Regular Power Supply

People were suffering because of frequent load shedding and irregular power supply. Besides, domestic uses, commercial and industrial sector were facing several problems. Various works to improve power supply were undertaken under Mahavitaran’s Infra II scheme. Funds were made available to lay underground cables.

About project

  • Works worth Rs 28 crore were completed under Infra II scheme of Mahavitaran
  • New sub-station and switching sub-center at Padmavati, sub-station at Swargate and switching sub-center at market yard.
  • Planning of 47 sub-stations in three sub-divisions and six transformers in Parvati area
  • Works like laying underground cables, removal of poles, causing hurdle to the traffic and changing of old dp/transformers were completed

Benefits of the scheme

  • Load shedding was stopped completely
  • Traders and industrialists were happy because of interrupted and adequate power supply
  • Power supply was restored in Parvarti area
  • Residents in the buildings, which had overhead wires, became safe because of underground cabling