Houses for slum dwellers

Number of announcements have been made for Harit Pune. However, nothing was achieved for green and clean Pune. Issues like encroachments on hills, tree plantation and afforestation were neglected. Solar energy projects were shut. Rain water harvesting projects were never commissioned. Considering this, a special plan was prepared for Parvati forest area along with massive tree plantation. Government offices were encouraged to install solar equipment.

About scheme

Necessary changes in the rules of SRA

2.5 FSI for slum dwellers (?)

Rehabilitation along with all the basic civic amenities

Development works in Dalit localities by spending huge funds

Benefits of the scheme

More than two lakh families in and around Pune city will get permanent and self-owned houses

Rehabilitation of slums will be accelerated because of 2.5 FSI

Improvement in the lives of slum dwellers because of basic civic facilities

Basic civic amenities are available in Dalit localities