Kalagram, Gardens, Recreation Centers and Balodyan

Government and local administration had neglected facilities available in the gardens. There was no attempt to encourage tourism. Two phases of Pu La Deshpande Garden were completed five years back. The third phase will have “KALAGRAM”. In addition, various gardens will have Nana-Nani park, recreation centers, playground for children and facilities/equipment for exercise.

About project:

Kalagram will take shape in scenic atmosphere of Pu La Deshpande Garden

Open theater for cultural programmes.

Eateries, providing various snacks and meals will be available.

A unique Lily Garden in Tukainagar on Sinhgad road.

Benefits of the project:

Artistes – local and outsiders will get an opportunity to present their art on the platform on the line of Delhi Hut.

Gardens will be used for multi-purpose.

Recreation centers for senior citizens, playground for children, meditation centers, Yoga centers, open gymnasium and study for students will be available.

Encouragement to tourism because of unique gardens.